inspired?maybe not...

Remember when we went to the dentist, 
And half your mouth was numb?
You said it felt funny
It made me smile
Later I made your whole face tingle

I screamed your name in my head and you answered me

There are boundaries.
I am drawing the line.
Stay on your side.
My friends are off limits.
I’m keeping you at a distance.
I am not the hurricane,
It is of you whom we should be afraid.
Starting as a whisper in a song,
By the end CRASHING! and BANGING! along.
It is not I, but you whom you fear.

Man, I’m done with thick girls
Go stuf it
She isn’t even thick

It’s not fair.
Life’s not fair.

Life’s a cold-hearted bitch.

It’s not weird that I was in love with your boyfriend
I was in love with him way before you even met him

I fell for you with/because of the music

I am, perhaps, the stupidest girl on the face of the planet.

You don’t understand how much you’ve hurt me. You deeply underestimate the damage you’ve done.

We can do stupid things once in a while, right?